Republic of Texas
A Brief Introduction

TRTStar Press Releases and WRIT of Election





FROM: Texas Department of Public Safety Texas Rangers archives -
posing after the capture of the Republic of Texas flag on May 3rd, 1997,
thank you.

The Siege at Fort Davis, Texas ended with an International Agreement and Terms of Cease Fire. It was signed by Captain Barry Caver of the de facto Texas Rangers on the authority of governor Bush and president Clinton.

This is a Substantive Treaty (like a 'battlefield promotion') that recognized the Republic of Texas 10th Congress government through Her duly elected diplomatic officers - for the first time since the mutual Treaty between the Republic of Texas and the USA of 1842 (original 1838).

Moreover, the May 3rd International Agreement and Terms of Cease Fire (Certified and Sworn as True by all parties thereto in court) also recognized the occupied status of the Republic of Texas since the US invasion and occupation concluding the US un-civil, un-declared, 'non-war' (just 138 years of illegal captivity ...). 

Article II of the US Constitution does not allow the annexation of any recognized nation(s) - otherwise known as colonialism.

Article IV of the US Constitution forbids the sub-division of states. The creation of parts of New Mexico and Colorado etc. out of the soil of the Republic of Texas PROVES Texas never has been a state in the first place.

Article VI of the US Constitution demands that the USA observes Treaty Law (the Laws of Nations - Vattel).


Please be advised that the Republic of Texas is a neutral nation, with a republican form of government that is secular in nature, advocating Separation of Church and State, plus committed to equality irrespective of gender, race or creed.

Further to Texas issues, continuity and succession - here is the basic information you may require to ascertain what is going on.

Please find from the website, http://republicoftexas.50megs.com  some pivotal information contained therein.

You will find the basic chronology of the 10th Congress ad interim government, duly published in the website and in the internationally registered Blue Books, at the following URLs: http://republicoftexas.50megs.com

The Diplomatic Notice of Protocol Under the Doctrine of Retroactive  Recognition (delivered by Registered Mail to over 140 nations) at

The March, 5th, 1997 Writ of Election etc., and

The certification of the election and government at, and

The International Treaty recognition of the 10th Congress Government of the Republic of Texas 10th Congress Government by the USA and its de facto 'state of Texas', and

The Executive Press Release and Writ of Election for September 2004 ( FIND: http://republicoftexas.50megs.com/about.html ) plus -

The photographs of the Welsh Guards capture of the Irish Standard in 1916 followed by the Texas Department of Public Safety picture (and the de facto Texas Rangers - from their archives) of the capture of the Republic of Texas' (TRT's) flag at Fort Davis, Texas - which with the Court Certified and Sworn as True May 3rd, 1997 International Agreement and Terms of Cease Fire by all parties thereto that confirms [though unintentionally] the political nature and the bona fides of TRT.



FIND: http://home.earthlink.net/~founders/update.html for some of the more recent details.

In brief:

1. There was a split in the Republic of Texas original Provisional Government in late 1996 over the style of banking system. No group had a required quorum of 9 to constitutionally do any business and the only way out of that is to call a general election.

2. The Late Mr. Johnson's 'faction' was basically him as the self-styled president of his imaginary theocracy.

3. The Enloe faction of 5 or 6 (no quorum) held an illegal impeachment 'trial' in a Grand Jury forum - no less.

4. In President Archie Lowe's 'faction', he deposed himself when took 3 members with an appointed Secretary of State becoming a voting council member (again no quorum) and for his refusal to call a constitutionally mandated general election in a timely manner.

5. Vice President Crear (as President Pro Tem), constitutionally issued a Writ of Election on 5 March 1997 for 19 April 1997 with every known Texas Republic advocate notified. FIND:

6. On April 19, 1997 the postal (absentee) and walk-in ballots were counted. Over 20,000 votes Texas-wide were cast to elect, certify and seat the 10th Congress Government of the Republic of Texas.

7. A Mr. Daniel Miller ran for Secretary of Plans and Powers in that election - and his late father co-signed his application. Mr. Miller lost and then jumped ship into the Lowe camp to become Secretary of State - then unified with the flopped Enloe group in 2002 to proclaim himself president from a one county caucus at best - and, at under 30 years of age.

However, the Constitution of Texas clearly states that "the President and Vice-President shall each have attained the age of 35 years". So they dumped the Constitution and wrote a new set of Plans and Powers - to exploit the gullible ever since.

8. When the 'STATE' of Texas realized what was really going on, the usual confrontation was arranged by Sheriff Bailey, then the Siege at Fort Davis followed. The 10th Congress was the only group that had armored personnel carriers in their front yard, Black Hawk helicopters overhead plus just a couple of hundred Texas DPS officers and Texas Rangers on site - which should tell us something about how seriously they were taken by governor general Bush and Co.

9. Then, the duly elected Ambassador and Consul General - R. L. McLaren of the 10th Congress negotiated an International Agreement and Terms of Cease Fire between the Republic of Texas with the USA and de facto 'STATE' of Texas (Signed by Texas Rangers Captain Barry Caver as authorized by US president Wm. J. Clinton and the then Texas governor G.W. Bush) that ended the Siege recognizing the Republic of Texas and Her 10th Congress government.

10. This Substantive Treaty was subsequently court certified and sworn as true by all parties thereto - which confirmed the international recognition of the 10th Congress government of the Republic of Texas.

11. Over 140 nations plus every International Convention, Court and germane Institution have been duly notified by hand delivery or registered post of the reclamation of the Republic of Texas - a sovereign nation amongst nations.

12. The General Election process to seat the 10th Congress FULL government began in September 2004, with ongoing Spcial Elections in each of the Districts until quorums are achieved in the House and Senate (who appoints the Judiciary) for Texas' Congress to convene for the first time since 1844.

Your consideration and comments are held in the highest esteem.


HE Robert Hertner
Ambassador and Consul General
For and on behalf of the Republic of Texas to the Nations of Europe